‘Rise!’: TRIBE//

 TRIBE //’s debut work for the outdoor circuit is a twenty-minute piece for an all-female ensemble of four dancers. Rise! is a rebellious and uplifting call to arms, inspired by Maya Angelou’s poem Still I Rise (also the title of Fox Markiewicz’s highly successful full-length theatre piece from which Rise! has developed). It channels the defiant, unapologetic quality of Angelou’s words into unflinching, relentless movement, producing a punchy movement style which carries a message of hope and resilience. Rise! is co-commissioned by Bell Square (Watermans Arts Centre) and Hat Fair (Play to the Crowd, Winchester), and supported by Surf the Wave Legacy Fund.

Website: www.stdma.com/portfolio-items/tribe/
City/Town: Brighton
Email Address: sarah@stdma.com
Show Available: from October 2020
Genre: Dance, Theatre, Physical theatre
Scale: Small-scale
Estimated cost per day: £2500
People ‘on the road’: 5
Shows per day / duration: 2 shows / 20mins