‘Ring Out’: Ray Lee

A series of giant towers hold suspended bell-like speaker cones. A team of ‘bell-ringers’ start to operate the industrial machinery and make the pendulum arms swing to and fro, gradually swinging higher and higher until each arm soars up over the heads of the audience ringing forth with a peel of electronic tones that combine into a transfixing harmony of pulsing drones.

Ring Out continues Ray Lee’s distinctive combination of sound and kinetic sculpture that pushes at the boundaries of street art by bringing high quality contemporary composition into the public realm.
Ring Out’s monumental scale and combination of musical and visual spectacle stops audiences young and old in their tracks.

Website: www.invisible-forces.com
City/Town: Oxford
Email: simon@simonchatterton.co.uk
Show Available: Now
Genre: Installation, Kinetic sound sculpture performance
Scale: Medium-scale
Estimated cost per day: £8500 for 3 days
People ‘on the road’: 4
Shows per day / duration: 3