‘Pendulum Wave Machine’: Travelling Light Circus

Let your eyes be seduced by the slinking and swaying of the sumptuous Pendulum Wave Machine, a mechanical marvel that mixes mathematics and magic to make something ‘mathemagical’! Silvery spheres glide through the air like floating mercury, creating mesmerising, hypnotic patterns that have to be seen to be believed!

Perfect for daytime or illuminated events, this is the most popular of Travelling Light Circus’s creations that has wowed hundreds of thousands of people around the UK.

Especially suitable for post-Covid audiences as the presenters can guide people into socially-safe viewing spaces, or ask them to wait patiently for a few minutes until the next show.

Website: www.travellinglightcircus.com/pendulum-wave-machine
City/Town: Manchester 
Email Address: andy@travellinglightcircus.com
Show Available:  Now
Genre: Installation, Children’s/Family, Light
Scale: Small-scale
Estimated cost per day: £1250 + travel (+accommodation if necessary)
People ‘on the road’:  2-3
Shows per day / duration: Continual displays, resetting every few minutes