‘Orchestra of Samples’: Addictive TV

Using music to break down cultural barriers, award-winning digital artists Addictive TV present their global AV project Orchestra of Samples with live guest performers. Imagine over 250 musicians from more than 30 countries who never met but are sampled to create new music of extraordinary fusions. Ten years in the making, Addictive TV filmed improvised recordings with musicians around the globe, from Senegal to Colombia, India to Romania, ingeniously sampling them all to create visual music from an enormous array of different instruments of the world. Described by The Times as “ingenious and compelling”, the project is a unique musical journey without borders.

Orchestra of Samples has been performed internationally at festivals including WOMAD, Festival of Imagineers, BBC Music Day and RomaEuropa, as well as at prestigious venues such as the Pompidou Centre in Paris and Centro Nacional de las Artes in Mexico City.

Website: www.orchestraofsamples.com/videos
City/Town: London
Email Address: mail@addictive.tv 
Show Available: Now
Genre: Music with video projection
Scale: Medium-scale
Estimated cost per day: £1500
People ‘on the road’: Minimum 3, Scalable show depending on the size of the stage/venue and guests.
Shows per day / duration: 1 show