‘Nightlight Lullabies – The Mother’s Voice’: Murmuration Arts

– Illuminated evening walkabout piece
– Live a capella song: Lullabies
– Hyper-local: neighbourhoods, housing estates
– Viewed from homes
– Full social distancing

An evening walkabout performance, with illuminated solo singer, walking the streets, housing estate, neighbourhood, serenading audiences viewing safely from windows, balconies, doorways.

The sounds of mothers singing drift in through windows: a cacophony of many voices and languages. The Mother, in a spectacular illuminated nightgown appears, hushing, lulling the audience with sublime lullabies. We feel she has been here forever, her nightgown representing the passing of time. Her movements are slow and hypnotic.

The piece soothes audiences by way of lullabies, folk music and hymns. In contrast, underpinning the work; an exploration of painful elements of Motherhood; sleeplessness nights and loneliness that can permeate new parenthood. Melodic experimentation, adaptations to style and lyrics, encapsulate the hard edges of Motherhood through twisted and darker elements of folklore, folk heritage and lullabies.

Website: www.murmurationarts.co.uk
City/Town: Brighton 
Email Address: marion@murmurationarts.co.uk
Show Available: From January 2021
Genre: Walkabout, Installation, Light, Live Music
Scale: Small-scale 
Estimated cost per day: £750 – £1000
People ‘on the road’: 2
Shows per day / duration: 3 x 45 mins