‘Mutant insect hunt/trail’: Urban Furniture Perspective

What happens when evolution meets pollution?”

Unknown giant mutant insects have been spotted in the local area. The UFP scientists and entomologists are looking for assistance in their classification effort: come and help us identify them!

The project aims at rendering the familiar strange by placing oversized insects made of re-purposed materials, half hidden in the undergrowth or up in the trees.

The audience is encouraged to help UFP scientists and entomologists find and classify these new mutant insects that have been spotted in the local area. Small booklets with sketches of the insects will be available to take while exploring the installation. Members of the public will be asked to look for the insects and, once spotted, to write down time, location, colour and genus of their sightings, and also to speculate on the insects’ behaviour and evolution. This will build up a data collection to help scientists in their classification effort. A scientist based in a research tent will explain the task to the public, while 1 or 2 more scientists will roam the area to interact with the public. Participants can vote for their favourite insect once they’re back to the research tent to report their findings.

The show can also be presented as a trail only, without scientists, but with explanatory signs.

 Website: www.facebook.com/UrbanFurniturePerspective
City/Town: Bournemouth
Email Address: urbanfurnitureperspective@gmail.com
Show Available: Now & all year round
Genre: Installation, Children’s/Family
Scale: Small-scale 
Estimated cost per day: £500 for first day, £250 thereafter + travel & accommodation
People ‘on the road’: 2 (3 if scientists needed)
Shows per day / duration: Durational installation