‘Vegetable Entertainment’: Madame Zucchini

Mme Zucchini presents her kindly Courgette costumed walkabout, at least a leek or two distant, producing vegetable characters from her trolley of delights, engaging you in horticultural banter and veg puns galore. What vegetable begins with P? Will Boris Butternut last the day? Maybe she’ll even show you how to make a shark out of a potato, or Helena Bonham Carrot out of an, um, carrot. Veg theatre shows with Leek Skywalker & Darth Tater, or Cap’n Jack Marrow and Kiwi Knightley can also be performed to a distanced audience. Suitable for markets, rural settings, food festivals: anywhere you need some gentle animation from a seasoned performer who knows her onions.

Website: www.madamezucchini.co.uk
City/Town: Sheffield
Email Address: madamezucchini@gmail.com
Show Available: Now
Genre: Theatre, Walkabout, Children’s/Family, Vegetable Entertainment
Scale: Small-scale
Estimated cost per day:
People ‘on the road’:  1
Shows per day / duration: 4 x 30 mins per day