‘Kill Will’: Told by an Idiot

A pop up festival show: Shakespeare as you’ve never seen him before
‘Just when you thought you were the greatest ever playwright in the English language another one turns up’

Two identical Shakespeares argue over who is the true bard of Avon. They brawl, shout, kick, and chase each other around the most unlikely of places. This wild, anarchic, funny and unpredictable event celebrates the ludicrous side of the English psyche.

‘To punch him on the nose or not punch him on the nose. That is the question’

Website: www.toldbyanidiot.org
City/Town: London
Email Address: info@toldbyanidiot.org
Show Available: Now
Genre: Theatre, Walkabout, Children’s/Family
Scale: Small Scale
Estimated cost per day: Contact for quote
People ‘on the road’: 3
Shows per day / duration: Flexible