‘Interactive Pavement Art Workshops’: Urban Canvas

Interactive Pavement Art Workshops to inspire, create and engage. Creating beautifully spaced floor art and adhering to government guidelines on social distancing. Can be tailored to a theme of your event. Artworks are all ephemeral and do not damage the fabric of the site in any way, washing away with the rain.

Digital image of proposed venue and floor space is required. RA/TECH Sheet/PLI provided on booking confirmation.

Website: www.urbancanvas.org.uk
City/Town: Standish, Lancashire
Email Address: urbanart@virginmedia.com
Show Available: Now
Genre: Installation, Children’s/Family, Floor Art Workshops
Scale: Medium-scale
Estimated cost per day: £850 (plus travel/accommodation)
People ‘on the road’:  2
Shows per day / duration: 1 x 4 hour