‘Godzilla vs the Fatberg’: Whalley Range All Stars

GODZILLA v the FATBERG is 20 minutes of action-packed story-telling told in the kamishibai style. Kamishibai is Japanese for paper theatre. The story is presented by a narrator + assistant.
It features 57 A3 drawings in a kamishibai box, a sort of wooden TV. We use a battery operated PA system for some music at the end of the show, otherwise the show has no technical requirements.
It travels from the furthest reaches of the universe to deep underground.
It has a lurid description of something in a sewer. It has a surprise ending.

Set up time – 15 minutes
Best seen where an audience can sit, watch and listen to the story.
It’s suitable for any festival or event with a literary, film, comic-book, story-telling or theatre flavour and can be performed up to 3 times a day. Suitable for all ages.
Website: www.wras.org.uk
City/Town: Bury, Lancs
Email Address: info@wras.org.uk
Show Available: Now
Genre: Theatre
Scale: Small-scale
Estimated cost per day: £500
People ‘on the road’:  2
Shows per day / duration: 3 x 20 mins