‘Garden of Delights ‘: Fuse Outdoor Arts


Garden of Delights is available for outdoor public spaces, day or night and includes the Floral Living Statues, Stilt Ivy Vines and spectacle aerial shows.

There are walkabout acts, statues or stilt walkers and aerial workshop opportunities available for daytime events and audiences to participate in. These are very popular and offer the opportunity for people to take part.

An enchanting show for audiences to enjoy

 Website: www.fuse.org.uk
City/Town: Bridgwater
Email Address: info@fuseperformance.co.uk
Show Available: Year Round
Genre: Dance, Walkabout, Installation, Children’s/Family, Light
Scale: Medium-scale 
Estimated cost per day: £700 Statues / £700 Stilts / £2250 Aerial
People ‘on the road’: 2 Floral Vines/stilts / 2 Aerial
Shows per day / duration: 3 x walkabouts x 30min / 2 x Aerial Shows x 10mins