‘Enchanted Garden’: Urban Furniture Perspective

Installation of giant mushrooms and larger-than-life flowers that will turn a corner of the a festival/park/forest into an enchanted garden, where people can relax, explore or be the hero in their own fantastic adventures!

We have about 100 mushrooms and 50 flowers, all brightly coloured and completely made from recycled and repurposed materials to emphasise the need to protect our environment. Mushrooms and flowers’ stalks are simply hammered into the ground and are weather resistant. Some will be painted with UV paint, so in the right location can turn into an even more magical garden!

 Website: www.facebook.com/UrbanFurniturePerspective
City/Town: Bournemouth
Email Address: urbanfurnitureperspective@gmail.com
Show Available: Now & all year round
Genre: Installation
Scale: Small-scale 
Estimated cost per day: £500 for first day, £250 thereafter + travel & accommodation
People ‘on the road’: 1-2
Shows per day / duration: Durational installation