‘Ecdysis (In Vivo)’: Oceanallover

Ecdysis is a collaboration between Oceanallover and Music Producers based in London and Bristol. It is an energetic dance-theatre show with stunning costume design and live sounds from some of the UK’s leading exponents of Electronic Music including Pinch, Mako, Silkie, Emika, SGT Pokes & Lost.

The show is inspired by the reptile species that can be found out in the wild in the UK and is suitable for both rural and urban locations. It is designed as a site-responsive piece and has the potential to involve collaboration with local dancers and musicians.

Website: www.oceanallover.co.uk
City/Town: Dumfries/Croydon/Bristol
Email Address: live@oceanallover.co.uk
Show Available: September 2020 onwards.
Genre: Dance, Theatre, Site-Responsive; Music
Scale: Medium-scale 
Estimated cost per day: Flexible from £1,200 per day – £2,800 per day
People ‘on the road’: The show cast/crew can vary from 4 to 12
Shows per day / duration: 2 shows x 60 minutes