‘Don’t Drink and Dance’: Joli Vyann

Joli Vyann present an innovative fusion of circus, dance and theatre – blurring the boundaries of dance and circus skills. Through the use of acrobatic tricks, fluid choreography and inventive characters, we create storylines that draw in audiences, firing their imaginations.

Don’t Drink and Dance is larger than life, comical and charming. The show focuses on a cute and quirky relationship. A boy-meets-girl-in-a-bar scenario with a twist, creating a playful yet impressive cocktail of technical skill, dance and story telling.

Website: www.joli-vyann.com 
City/Town: Bournemouth
Email Address: jovalentine2020@icloud.com
Show Available: April 2021
Genre: Dance, Acrobatics
Scale: Small – medium scale 
Estimated cost per day: £1200 plus costs
People ‘on the road’: 2
Shows per day / duration: 3 x 15 mins