‘Distant Drums’: Whispered Tales

Distant Drums is a digital art installation that tells the story of Reggae Sound System culture and the importance of music in the fight for racial equality.

The installation consists of a hand-made replica vintage Jamaican-style sound system stack. Inside the sound system are 8 flat screen LCD TVs which show a series of animations. The sound system plays a 16-minute looped soundtrack written by Madu Messenger which is narrated by the voice of reggae legend Macka B. The installation has a distinctively Dub soundtrack created by internationally acclaimed Dub Reggae collective Vibronics.

In 2021 Whispered Tales will work with two black physical performers to turn the digital art installation into a 20-minute street arts performance. The performers will stand, climb and dance on the Sound System culminating in a breath-taking finale that asks its audience “Are you Ready?”. The show can be booked with or without the live performance.

Website: www.whisperedtales.org 
City/Town: Liverpool & Leicester
Email Address: jovalentine2020@icloud.com 
Show Available: Currently available as an installation. Available with live dance performance from May 2021
Genre: Installation, Dance
Scale: Small-scale 
Estimated cost per day: £1200 (installation), £1800 (installation+performance) plus travel & accommodation
People ‘on the road’: 2-4
Shows per day / duration: Installation – on a loop. Live performance 2 shows x 25 mins