‘Contact Juggling’: Amy Amelia Arts

Performing walkabout Contact Juggling entertainment in various acts, costumes and personas to suit the event theme and content; specialising in fantastical and family friendly entertainment with the magical and specialised skill of crystal ball manipulation at its core:

-A visual act that does not need close interaction.
-Can talk to the audience from several meters away and insure social distancing measures are in place.
-Am fully mobile so can quickly move out of the way and also direct others to do so when needed and work to keep main walkways/desire lines and exits and entrances clear.
-Can move quickly to occupy emptier spaces.
-Can wear face coverings where needed and will not hinder the act – could also wear a branded mask if provided.
-Do not need audience participation
-No one else needs to handle props but the performer.
-Fully self sufficient.
-No help needed with moving equipment or setting up any performance space.
Website: www.amyameliaarts.co.uk
City/Town: Bath
Email Address: amy@amyameliaarts.co.uk
Show Available: Anytime
Genre: Walkabout, Children’s/Family, Processional
Scale: Intimate
Estimated cost per day: £250-£300 plus Travel 
People ‘on the road’:  1
Shows per day / duration: 3 x 30mins sets or 2 x 45mins