‘Cloudscapes’: Gobbledegook Theatre

CLOUDSCAPES is an intimate installation combining clouds and script, set in an outdoor auditorium — a cloud-gazing area. Audiences are encouraged to look up and contemplate the mutability of clouds, as well as the mutability of humanity, guided by the soothing voice of performer and creator Lorna Rees.

Audiences lie back on giant beanbags for the 25-minute show, while Rees talks to them, through headphones, about cloud formation, interspersed with stories of her own relationship with the troposphere and of the journey of a lifetime with her father.

Cloudscapes is a pre-recorded piece of sound art experienced via headphones. The piece can be enjoyed by up to 60 people at a time, with audience members self-selecting the start time using their headset. Even the most seemingly featureless skies provide plentiful material. The dreamy commentary gives
audiences ‘permission to stop’ in order to observe the ‘temporary galleries’ above them.

Website: Gobbledegooktheatre.com
City/Town: Christchurch
Email Address: gobbledegooktheatre@gmail.com
Show Available: April – October
Genre: Installation, Installation, Audio installation
Scale: Medium-scale 
Estimated cost per day: £900 + travel & accommodation
People ‘on the road’: 2
Shows per day / duration: 5 shows x 45 min (includes turnaround time)