‘Celestial Sound Cloud’: Pif-Paf

A graceful sound and light installation, Celestial Sound Cloud is perfect for indoors and outdoors. Set between 1.8m and 3m high, the installation playfully interacts with the sounds and movement of the audience beneath providing choral harmonies in return. A perfect place of calm and reflection within a busy Festival programme.

Re-appropriating industrial materials and technologies, Celestial Sound Cloud provides a perfect juxtaposition between contemporary technology and the ancient practices from different cultures of people congregating under the stars to sing songs of prayer, wonderment or playfulness.

Available as a durational installation. We can perform in the daytime, dusk or night.

Website: www.pif-paf.co.uk
City/Town: Sheffield
Email Address: touring@pif-paf.co.uk
Show Available: All year round
Genre: Installation, Light, Interactive
Scale: Medium-scale 
Estimated cost per day: £1500 for first day, £750 for day 2/3, £500 thereafter plus Travel & VAT
People ‘on the road’: 1 (sometimes 2 if tech support needed)
Shows per day / duration: Durational Installation