‘Catch Me (socially distanced)’; Upswing









Catch Me is an intimate and surprising take on age, race and gender.

A duet – at a distance – between an older woman and younger man negotiating a tower of chairs while confronting literal and metaphorical barriers. Two bodies discover unexpected connections whilst never quite reaching each other.

Part installation and part performance – a poetic, contemplative yet joyful mix of dance, acrobatics and distanced companionship — Artistic Director Vicki Amedume was inspired to make the show after observing people’s reactions to her brother.

The show continues Upswing’s exploration of identity and how this can be subverted and reinforced through performance using Upswing’s characteristic warmth and lightness of touch in gently introducing provocative issues to people of all ages.

Catch Me originally toured festivals in Summer 2019 and has now been adapted so that the artists themselves are socially distanced while exploring the emotional distances between their characters.

Catch Me asks how we see each other and who we value.

Website: www.upswing.org.uk
City/Town: London
Email Address: sherry@upswing.org.uk
Show Available: From Now
Genre: Dance, Acrobatics, Theatre, Circus 
Scale: Small-scale 
Estimated cost per day: £2,000
People ‘on the road’: 3
Shows per day / duration: 2 x 15 mins