‘Anytime The Wind Can Change’: The New Shadow Cabinet

Anytime The Wind Can Change is the heartwarming tale of lonely giants, comets and compassion told with intricate shadow puppets to a powerful live musical score.

This uplifting, original folk tale explores the power of compassion and community, and of exchanging ideas and cultures, and will captivate audiences of all ages through the charming medium of shadow puppetry.

Various presentation formats available; 90 min theatre show, cabaret style for a full evening. Workshops available

Outdoors or Indoors. Outdoor fire effects available.

Website: www.thenewshadowcabinet.com

City/Town: London

Email Address: alex.podger@gmail.com

Show Available: All year round – outdoor performances must take place after dark

Genre: Theatre, Installation, Light

Scale: Small-scale

Estimated cost per day: £850.00 – £1500

People ‘on the road’: 5

Shows per day / duration: 30 min acoustic concert + 45 mins shadow play (90 mins total), max 3 sessions per day