‘Anytime The Wind Can Change’: The New Shadow Cabinet

This autumn brings a fireside evening of music and folklore.

Anytime The Wind Can Change draws audiences around the campfire to watch the touching parable of two lonely giants on opposite sides of an ocean, told through shadow puppetry to an original live musical score.

Avaiable as a stand-alone performance or scled into an evening of mulled wine, crackling flames and a timely new folktale told by world-class performing artists, puppeteers and musicians.

An electric light version without fire is also available.

Website: www.thenewshadowcabinet.com
City/Town: London
Email Address: alex.podger@gmail.com
Show Available: Late September – March
Genre: Theatre, Installation, Light
Scale: Small-scale 
Estimated cost per day: £750.00 – £1400
People ‘on the road’: 5
Shows per day / duration: 30 mins acoustic concert + 40 mins shadow play, x max 3 sessions per day