‘Adventures of Santa S.U.S.A.N.N. and the socially distant Dr Morton Hyphen Sinclair as an ELF’: Cat and Mouse Theatre

S.U.S.A.N.N. wants to share the Christmas Spirit and has made the Doctor come with them by beating him at poker and he’s not happy about it.

This COVID SAFE act sees the two of them walking the streets, S.U.S.A.N.N. bringing Joy and Wonder to Xmas time, whilst the Doctor fights against it.

The drama always sees S.U.S.A.N.N. win and Joy abounds!


Website: www.catandmousetheatre.com

City/Town: Bristol

Email Address: catandmousetheatre@gmail.com

Show Available: Christmas period

Genre: Theatre, Walkabout, Children’s/Family, Light

Scale: Intimate

Estimated cost per day: £1,100

People ‘on the road’: 3-4

Shows per day / duration: 2 x 1 hour