Ideas Summit 2017

The Outdoor Arts Ideas Summit 2017 was held in Milton Keynes 28 Nov 2017, in partnership with Festive Road as part of the OutdoorArtsUK Conference: Making Waves – Critical Mass 2017.

A number of artists and companies pitched their new ideas or shows.

For your guide to some amazing outdoor work and to check out their plans, propositions and possibilities, download the Ideas Summit brochure:



Please note that these pitches and proposals were made at early stages in development and reflect the status of the project at the time. Some of the assumptions about cost, staffing and practicalities will have changed as the work evolved and the prices will have changed due to inflation and more accurate details. Ensure you contact the companies directly before making any suppositions about the work.

The artists and companies are:

  1. Autin Dance Theatre – Dystopia
  2. Bash Street Theatre – Beside the Seaside!
  3. The Bicycle Ballet Co – The Bicycle Ballet Ballet
  4. The Chipolatas – The Future of Things Past
  5. Citrus Arts – Shipwrecks – Receivers of The Wreck
  6. Enter Edem – Tao Tales: The Conjurer and the Moon
  7. The Fabularium – Tilting at Windmills
  8. Fidget Feet – Hip H’Opera
  9. Full House Theatre – Day Dreamers/ Houghton Regis Hullabaloo
  10. Metro-Boulot-Dodo – One Giant Leap
  11. Mimbre – Pure Acro Trio
  12. Mufti Games – Fergusons Gang
  13. Nina von der Werth & Co – Commuter Love
  14. PanGotticFluke
  15. Pif-PafThe Celestial Sound Cloud (Universe)
  16. Puppets with Guts – Horizon
  17. Rag and Bone – Tatterdemalion
  18. Robby Graham & GDIF – Beautiful Thing (An Urban Fairytale)
  19. Sevesfeathers – (im)Balances
  20. Taking Flight Theatre – What shall we do with this Foley Trolley?
  21. Talking Birds – The Female Warrior
  22. Tangled Feet – Public Private
  23. Travelling Light Circus – The Infinite Box of Forever
  24. Walk the Plank – Inferno: The After party
  25. Wet Picnic – Meat
  26. Wired Aerial Theatre – The Wave