Covid-19 Resources – articles, blogs & podcasts

10 Jun People Intend to Visit Again. Where Will They Go And What Will Make Them Feel Safe? (Colleen Dilenschneider)

9 Jun Open letter to the Culture Secretary- #WeShallNotBeRemoved (We Shall Not Be Removed collective)

1 Jun A snapshot of the creative industry’s independent workers: their needs, ideas, dreams and offers to support themselves and their industry (Louise Blackwell) 

25 May Culture in Lockdown Part 3: Covid Audiences Mindsets (Andrew McIntyre)

22 May What Comes Next (Darren Henley)

20 May Culture Secretary announces Cultural Renew Taskforce

14 May An Open Letter from Fuel: Where we’re at with all this change (Fuel Theatre)

12 May What Happened Under the Broken Bridge (Imagineer Productions)

10 May Theatre’s Left Behind Freelancers (Alice Saville)

4 May Culture in Lockdown Part 2: The 7 Pillars of Audience- focus (Andrew McIntyre)

1 May The end of the beginning (Darren Henley)

22 Apr The reason Zoom calls drain your energy (Manyu Jiang)

20 Apr Supporting the National Portfolio and Creative People and Places consortia during Covid-19 (Darren Henley)

16 Apr Culture in Lockdown Part 1: We can do digital, can we do strategy? (Andrew McIntyre)

5 Apr The International Success of Ungovernable Street Performance (Anna Giribet)

8 Apr Which Cultural Entities Will People Return to After Reopening? (Colleen Dilenschneider)

31 Mar Responding to the Covid-19 emergency (Darren Henley)

20 Mar Kindness in a time of crisis (Darren Henley)

101 Outdoor Arts Podcast: COVID-19 Conversations

Wild Rumpus: From the Forge Podcast

Mufti Games: Round up about lockdown thoughts & games

The Inaccessibility of the Future (or, What To Do When You Just Can’t Zoom) (Lisette Auton)

This Too Shall Pass: Mourning collective loss in the time of Covid-19 (Alex Evans, Casper ter Kuile & Ivor Williams)