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acrobatics: anatomy and approach 31 Oct – 1 Nov

Acro symposium

ISAN members Mimbre would like to invite you to their inaugural two day Acrobatic Symposium connecting acrobatics, performance and health, a collaboration between Mimbre and the National Centre for Circus Arts.

“A physical performer’s body is constantly pushed to the limit, with long training hours, demanding schedules and often many hours spent on the road. We aim to provide tools and ideas to increase the longevity of performers’ careers through maximising performance whilst minimising risk of injury.

We will bring together acrobatics with other disciplines such as sports medicine, dance and movement sciences to see how the culmination of knowledge from these different disciplines can improve our work and our bodies.

Health is an integral part of a performer’s professional practice; this symposium will provide a platform to promote, discuss and develop models of best practice for circus performers, teachers and directors as well as others working with physical performance.”

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