Covid-19 Update back to listing

OutdoorArtsUK issued a statement about COVID-19 and the sector on 6 Mar 2020: OAUK Statement

The situation is, of course, much changed since then. Despite the guidance yesterday from the Government, we have seen more events being cancelled (London’s St Patrick’s Day Parade, the entire professional football programme, as well as a Scottish ban on gatherings of over 500 people). It appears there will be an update on mass events next week:

The ‘delay’ strategy pushes the peak of infection some weeks ahead which will have a potential impact on many festivals. So it is clear we are in uncharted territory. Members are reporting a standstill on planning or contracting.

At this point, we are encouraging artists and producers to have a clear discussion about the potential outcomes of cancellations under Force Majeure clauses. To share risk, an additional clause may be possible.

Angus attended the ‘What Next’ meeting in Waterloo to hear from Arts Council England; he shared concerns about Outdoor Arts freelancers and smaller organisations – along with other representatives from different artforms. While sympathetic, it is very clear that there is no financial ‘money pot’ available to deal with this.


The notes from the What’s Next meeting cover a number of key points and offer some other resources:

Thanks to Emergency Exit Arts for sharing their draft plan for dealing with the situation:

The Arts Council England website reiterates that there are (currently) no government ordered bans on live events and has a new email address for you to address concerns:

14 Mar 2020