Zsolnay Light Festival, Hungary back to all events

A whirl of cultural adventures and magical light projections in several locations throughout the downtown for three days!

The Zsolnay Light Festival is a multi-arts festival blending the amazing legacy of Pécs’s 2000 years of history with a fantasy world. Its unique and colourful programme lineup includes concerts by electronic musician Emika, violinist Féix Lajkó with the Óperentzia Orchestra, Ghanian vocalist and songwriter Pat Thomas and the crowd favourite Italian Fantomatik Orchestra; performances by the Spanish musical comedy & aerial theatre Voala Station, the modern circus Circ Bover and the hairdressers of Sienta La Cabeza. 3 days of breathtaking projection mappings will turn the downtown into a magical “wonderland”, the audio-visual mappings of the Light Art Mapping Competition will dress the facade of the Cathedral in the most stunning light projections .

Zsolnay Light Festival, Hungary