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The International Festival of Theater and Street Arts of Valladolid has developed throughout the nineteen editions a program according to the following criteria:
There is a series of artistic expressions that suffocate in theaters and tend to penetrate their walls and locate where the individual builds their daily lives.
– That these expressions speak of our time and use communication tools in the form of multimedia, mixing the image with music, painting, theater …

– That this use of media causes the structure of operation to change, passing from a narrative structure to an associative structure (in each show something is suggested, and it is the audience itself that develops an idea and gives it form and content).
– That the circus has been one of the oldest forms of intervention in public spaces and that nowadays it has become the mother that welcomes multidisciplinary artists giving a new meaning to the tent and the works that inside or outside it they are developing.
– That we understand the street not as an open space between buildings, but as an open or closed place where the citizen constructs his daily life and where these types of events are located.
– That we understand art as the possibility of being able to dismantle the real world and reassemble it from a higher dimension.
– That we are against anything to walk towards the selection of works that are coherent with the aforementioned.
– That we understand the festival as a unique show and not as a sequence of works until the planned economic budget is completed.
– That we understand the festival also as a showcase where to show works that are well in the process of growth or because of their research character are outside the commercial circuits.
– It is very important to have a continuous feedback on the progress and development of the festival, so we have always formed an international jury composed of people not exclusively from the theatrical world, but people with an open attitude of listening to any artistic manifestation.

That we are in the   XIX edition and you will always be welcome!

Festival Internacional Teatro y Artes de Calle, Valladolid, Spain