Boots On The Ground (Tangled Feet), Dulwich back to all events

“I sign on. I sit in my flat. Another day passes. And all that we did is gone, and means nothing now”

Inspired by the centenary of the mass demobilisations from WW1 and the tales of modern-day veterans Boots On The Groundis a promenade headphone show which invites its audience to exchange their shoes for a pair of Army boots and follow the intertwining stories of men who are stepping back from war. Can they find peace on their return to civilian life?

Setting out from an Army tent in a public square, the audience form a unit, are given their marching orders, join a squadron of fellow civilians and embark on an hour-long  walk around the local area together. Over the course of the journey, two stories, set a hundred years apart, are brought vividly to life against the backdrop of familiar streets.

Binaural headphone technology, live action and Tangled Feet’s trademark physicality are combined in this unique experience to explode the forgotten political turmoil of the WW1 demobilisations and the hidden struggles of modern-day veterans

Devised by Tangled Feet. Text by Katie Lyons.